At Integrated Health Care we offer a unique approach to health.
Our Team — Doctors Bryan Hale, Belinda Hale and Jennifer Reynolds — are licensed, registered Chiropractors, and Donna Cornelius is a Registered Naturopath. We use Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and the Hale Technique (the evaluation of  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems of the body).

If chiropractic treatment is necessary, we administer gentle adjustments of the spine, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands, pelvis, legs and feet, as well as doing cranial corrections and prescribing orthotics. To complement balance of the mind and body we also use complex homeopathy and nutrition to promote wellness and good health.

Chiropractors in practice are registered ACC providers for structural assessment and treatments.

Our Team

Dr Bryan Hale DC, MNZCA, Specialising in Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractor

In 1974, after graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto I returned to New Zealand. I established a very successful practice in Raumati (South of Paraparaumu) and worked there for 4 years. I have never been satisfied with a singular structural approach to Chiropractic and Health, i.e. manipulation and rehabilitation. My enquiring mind always wants to know how the body works and what makes us unhealthy and diseased in the first instance. After Raumati, I worked as a locum for 12 months for many practitioners in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, learning all the time. I eventually ended up in Vancouver where I spent 6 years studying part-time as well as being in  practice. In 1984 we returned to Christchurch where I have practised ever since. Integrated Health was established in 1994 and after 30 years of searching, studying, and self-analysis, I formed the Hale Technique as an entity. I am a lucky person in that I have passion in my purpose, which is a love for learning and understanding how the body works. I enjoy teaching my associates through my ongoing learning and developments. I still practise part-time but my emphasis has changed towards research, development and teaching.


Dr Belinda Hale, BSc(Psych), BAppSc(Chiro), MNZCA, Specialising in Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractor

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science at Canterbury University, I gained an honours degree in Chiropractic at RMIT in Australia. I feel very passionate about working with the Hale Technique and have experienced its benefits first-hand by being treated with it myself for over 20 years. I am at Integrated Health Care three days a week, dividing my time
between work and family.


Dr Jennifer Reynolds, RN, B.Chiro, MNZCA, Specialising in Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractor

Originally from Ireland, I have been in the health-care profession for over 20 years. After graduating from New Zealand College of Chiropractic I joined the team at Integrated Health Care in 2010 and love working with the Hale Technique.


Donna Cornelius, ND, Grad Dip (Clin. Nut.), NZSN

After experiencing a stroke at a young age I started to seek natural approaches to optimise health and wellbeing. This led to my Naturopathic studies.
I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. I then spent several years working as a Naturopath prior to owning a natural health store & clinic here in Christchurch.
I am passionate about natural health and have personally experienced the Hale Technique for over 16 years. I feel very grateful to now be in a position where I can work with the Hale Technique myself.


Anne, Integrated Health Care’s Office Manager

Anne has been with the office for over 20 years. She has witnessed many amazing healing journeys and has seen a lot of our patients from birth and into adulthood. She is responsible for the smooth running of the practice. She is a highly efficient reception professional; she is super organised and very good at what she does.


Alicia, Receptionist, Integrated Health Care Receptionist

Alicia joined IHC in February 2016.

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Auckland Practitioner

Dr Angela Steventon, Qualified Hale Technique Practitioner,
+64 9 479 2666 for more details