How it Works

How The Hale Technique Works

The body responds predictably to certain stimuli e.g. magnets, lasers, strobes, vibration and physical challenging.

Using muscle testing we are able to test that response. If the response is negative, the body is indicating that it is unable to adapt to that stimuli and therefore has a fault within.

Over 30 plus years Dr Hale has been able to work out:

  1. Whether that fault is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or structural.
  2. By spelling out words or phrases and then studying/understanding them, put them into context of what the patient is experiencing.
  3. How to correct those faults and balance the energies in various systems using Chiropractic techniques and Homeopathic medicines*.
  4. In what order the body wants those faults corrected and energies balanced.

These methods have developed a language that helps us to understand our body/mind connections better.

Initially, most of the experimentation Dr Hale did on himself. Now that patterns and understanding are more established, he can expand these techniques without personal testing.

What has been observed is that every fault has a key mind component (mental/emotional) that is necessary to balance before the body can change its initial response and move onto healing itself.

This is especially important for the Emotional Mind, as without correction and balancing the fault (problems symptoms) won’t heal. Once the fault is found it is usually straight forward to correct and balance.

The Hale Technique is unique because (after your initial visit) you don’t have to tell the Doctor what your problems are. We should be able to tell you what is going on for you, to which you have a choice to acknowledge and learn from.

Naturally we do take a case history. The Hale Technique, evaluation and treatment relies more on reading your body and Integrating the findings to give the Doctor an understanding of the Patient’s Health Picture. As a patient you don’t have to believe in or understand the treatment for it to work.

As Doctors we cannot change your Mental Mind i.e. “how you think”. We can only balance the Emotional Mind, the Physical system and Spiritual system energies.

When faults keep returning it indicates that the same old patterns keep emerging. In this case we CHALLENGE your thinking i.e. patterns of beliefs, prejudices, behaviour and attitudes in an attempt to motivate you to change. If our challenges are unsuccessful in an attempt to motivate change, it may necessitate a referral to a therapist who is professionally trained to help you through this change, before we can rebalance your systems again.

Some patients resist change but when they co-operate, they feel and function better as do their partners, family’s, friends and colleagues.

Understanding leads to Acceptance, Forgiveness and Respect, resulting in improved health, happiness and peacefulness.

Healthy choices lead to healthy lives and experiences. Read More

*Homeopathy Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, in tablet or liquid form, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient.

Like for like This form of treatment is based on the principle that you can treat like with like, that is a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses, can be used in small amounts to treat those same symptoms. For example, drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness and agitation, so according to this principle when made into a homeopathic medicine it could be used to treat people with these symptoms.

Provings Throughout the 250 years that Homeopathy has been researched and developed practitioners of this science have used proving as their way of finding the uses for various remedies. Most remedies are made from any substance or product we can attain on earth. These include plants, foods, fossils, liquids, metals, animal extracts (poisons) etc.

Once the Homeopathic remedy is made up then healthy volunteers are given this remedy daily for 10-14 days. At the end of this time the majority of the volunteers will develop classic symptoms which are unique to the remedy. If those ten volunteers were give the Glandular Fever Virus Remedy (Epstein Barr) for 10-12 days they should develop classic signs and symptoms of Glandular Fever ever though they don’t have the disease. This is called proving a remedy.

At Integrated Health we use mainly “Nosode Homeopathic Remedies” which are made up from viruses, bacteria, parasites etc. We also use “Complex Homeopathic Remedies” which are made up of well-known and tested remedies that are put together (10-30 remedies in one) to assist in the healing process of the body.

Dr Hale has developed his technique by first knowing what illness or disease the patient has (diagnosed by laboratory tests) and then experimenting with the Nosode Remedy to have the body identify its existence. Over many years of experimentation, methods were found to effectively treat the patients for their disease. However, while the treatment was effective, many patients relapsed with their health problems.

Many years of frustration and disillusionment lead to discover the Emotional/Mental connection for which Complex Homeopathic Remedies became an integral part.

Through this process of experimentation Dr Hale found that there is a very close association between illness/disease and the effect of the Mental/Emotional mind especially significant in chronic/recurring cases.

Homeopathy is a progressive, developing science and is well utilized in mainstream medicine in Germany, France and Russia. Homeopathic Remedies are sold at pharmacies and Health Food Stores, in most countries. They are effective and if used properly are safe for children, adults and animals.

There are all kinds of beliefs around how this form of medicine works. Essentially no one seems to know exactly how. Probably the best explanation is that it contains an energy (specific for each remedy). If this energy can be used safely, with very few side effects and is effective why do we need to understand?

There are many pills, potions and liquids used in Allopathic Medicine that we don’t understand or know exactly how they work!!

This type of medicine is only 250 years old. It is not a threat to regular medicine but it is most effective in Functional Health Problems. Regular Medicine is most effective in Crisis Emergency Care (lifesaving situations) and Pathological Problems (serious diseases). Both are necessary and effective.