Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Emotions?
Q. Why are most emotions negative?
Q. What are examples of positive/negative emotions?
Q. Can you fix my symptoms?
Q. What can I expect?
Q. What is the important healing and balancing system in our bodies?
Q. How does balance work?
Q. Will I feel better?
Q. What do I need to do?
Q. Can infections and imbalances effect ones structure?

Q. What are Emotions?
A. Emotions are ‘heartfelt’ feelings that we experience. They are often unexplainable as to why we have these feelings which are not the same for everyone even though the event or situation that was experienced was.

Q. Why are most emotions negative?
A. All emotions are positive, survival based and self-promoting but our mental mind can change how we experience these emotions. Therefore it can be said that the emotions can be experienced in either a positive or negative way depending on the person’s choice mentally as to how they want to interpret the feeling.

Q. What are examples of positive/negative emotions?
A. There are basically four main emotions off which all other emotions and thoughts (mental) come.

  • Anger
  • Love
  • Jealousy
  • Fear

Positive – relates to survival, protection, drive, passion, competitiveness, pleasure, gratification, self-learning, self-promotion, self-usefulness and self-meaning. Anger is driven by both fear and sadness.
Negative – feeling of inadequacy can’t save the world and everyone in it. You have been exposed, made to look useless, unprotected or have others help, assist or promote you. You may use anger or rage to push others back in fear of your under ability e.g. Rage, temper, fury, irritability, outrage, antagonistic, controlling (active or passive), frustrated, stubborn, vindicated. N.B. The Two Emotions that drive anger are fear and sadness.

Positive – to create close relationships. Essentially we are ‘pack animals’ and survive better in groups so we can share chores and protection (Survival) Love helps to procreate our young as we grow older. “If I love and protect you, you will in return, love and protect me!” Self-love is critical as if you can’t love yourself you can’t love others or have others love you!
Negative – (Hatred) people kill, persecute and destroy others in the name of love.
“I love you and I will stop you loving anyone else” “If I can’t have you no one else will.”
World history is full of bad love stories and tragedy. “I don’t love myself or I hate myself” This feeling when turned into a negative belief becomes a way of gaining attention power and love from others in fear that you may harm yourself or hurt them e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Persecution, subservience, envy, addiction, hatred.

Positive – we wear clothes, live in houses, drive cars, own goods and assets because of jealousy. I like what you have, how can I have one too. Society grows develops and improves through jealousy. We learn and advance ourselves as humans.
Negative – (envy, skepticism, suspicious, righteousness) – I choose to punish, abandon, persecute or destroy you because of your looks, position, status, money, power etc. OR “I am better than you, I will make you jealous of me by how I look, dress, the house or car that I own”, snobbery, ‘class systems’, originate from self-jealousy stories. Civilizations such as Egyptian’s, Inca’s, Roman’s etc. created and self-destructed, through Jealousy.

Positive – survival, ‘flight or fight’. Fear drives us to learn, improve ourselves, prevent confidence, failure, persecution, rejection etc. It promotes success, belonging, fitting in, being loved and protected.
Negative – (anxiety, approval, worry, stress, panic, terror, respect, regret, suspicion
nervousness, helplessness, phobic, apprehensiveness, frightened, terrified, petrified). Anxiety is a mental form of fear. We fear what may never happen. By the time it was meant to happen we have another 3-4 issues to become anxious about replacing what didn’t happen in the first place.
Fear is perhaps the most comprehensive emotion as it plays a part in all feelings. From testing, ‘Fear of Success’ appears to be our most common fear i.e. We are more concerned about what we think, others think of us, rather than what we feel and think of ourselves i.e. We are fearful of being ourselves, a unique and truly amazing ‘Human Being’

Q. Can you fix my symptoms?
A. The treatment that we provide is not aimed so much at symptom relief but at the underlying causes of your dysfunction. Once the dysfunction heals the symptoms should disappear.

Q. What can I expect?
A. One of our primary aims through treatment is to help you grow and develop as a person through challenging your thoughts and beliefs. This ultimately leads to true healing.

Q. What is the important healing system in our body?
A. It is widely accepted that the major healing of the body is the immune system. The Immune System and the emotional system are closely linked.

Q.  How does balance work?
A. Anything we treat physically is rewarded and balanced emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Q. Will I totally recover and remain pain free?
A. The majority will improve dramatically but some patients have to accept that they may never totally recover however we are often surprised at the good results the body produces. Every patient is different according to our physical, emotional, mental make-up, personality and life experience.

Q. What do I need to do?
A.  The key to maintaining the improvements in your health, is to follow a maintenance treatment program of between 2 -6 months, this way any new or current problems, which may surface can be addressed. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, open communication and a positive mental attitude are also important in getting well and staying well.

Q. Can infections and imbalances affect ones structure?
A. We treat patient with chronic viral, bacterial, and parasitic infection, hormonal imbalances and chronic inflammatory conditions that affect not only the spine, neck head and peripheral joints, but also the body in general.