Healthy Choices

Balanced Heath

Healthy choices lead to healthy lives and experiences

At Integrated Health we treat you to balance your system which promotes health and relieves  symptoms, but we also challenge your beliefs and behaviour. If your behaviour, beliefs and actions remain the same; you experience the same results and outcomes from those choices.

What can I do to help myself be healthy?

  1. Eat a rainbow diet
    Lots of fresh natural foods, fruits, nuts, meat, fish, grains and vegetables with lots of colour. Food from fast food outlets is convenient and easy but is not always healthy. One meal per week is OK. Sugar, especially white sugar, is a major health hazard.
  2. Drinking water
    Drink at least 6 glasses a day and filtered where possible. Tea and coffee dehydrate the body. Fizzy drinks, pop or diet pop are not healthy choices.
  3. Stop smoking 
    Smoking tobacco is perhaps the most detrimental thing you can insult your body with.
  4. Daily alcohol consumption
    Wine, beer or spirits daily is also detrimental to health even if it is one glass per day. Red wine contains beneficial anti-oxidants however the negatives of alcohol outweigh these benefits. Alcohol depresses your whole system, including your immune system. (Occasional social drink is not an issue!)
  5. Adequate rest and sleep
    Are essential to our body’s healing powers. It is generally accepted that a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep daily is the optimum. Take time out to rest through the day even if it is sitting down for 10 minutes to take a breather. Don’t eat or drink on the run, sit down to eat meals.
  6. Daily exercise is important
    Use it or lose it. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to and from various daily chores or jobs you do throughout the day. You will feel better for and about yourself through daily exercise of a more physical nature such as going to the gym, walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga etc.
  7. Through exercise you improve your circulation, lymphatic drainage, and eliminate toxins through sweat
    But the biggest advantage is that you improve your mind through releasing endorphins within the brain. (Feel good chemicals). Therefore choose an exercise that you like doing and vary where and when you do it to keep you interested. Benefits of exercise are one-half physical and one-half mental.
  8. Communications
    Make an attempt to keep up with friends and family regularly. Communication is the key to healthy relationships and the solving of ‘broken down’ situations. They don’t contact you for the reasons you don’t contact them. Take the initiative.
  9. Ask your Doctor questions
    People who understand, experience less anxiety. We are here to help and “like you”, we are human too. Working in the health area we have either experienced your situation or have advised patients over the years on many different topics.
  10. Regular Maintenance Care
    Integrated Health suggest 2 to 6 monthly check-ups to promote health and healing through balancing Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energies.