Dr Bryan Hale explains the History and Development of the Hale Technique

During my time as a student and continuing after graduation from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, I have always been interested in how the human body works and makes us unique as an individual.

In my last two years at college I became fascinated and excited with Applied Kinesiology (a technique developed, by a Chiropractor Dr George Goodhart) in the 1960’s. It allowed the Doctor to communicate with the body, with or without the influence of the patient’s symptoms.

Upon graduation I returned to NZ where I practiced as a structural Chiropractor for 4 years in Raumati, just north of Wellington. This was a valuable learning experience, however, I needed to know more and have a deeper understanding as to why people developed chronic spinal problems and why those problems did not heal up predictably as did other joints in the body.

This desire lead to moving my family to North America again, this time to Vancouver for 6 years, where I could travel across America attending seminars and pursuing my studies. During this time, in the space of six months, I was in three motor vehicle accidents, which impaired me physically to the extent I could only work part-time. These traumas also had a major effect on me emotionally and mentally. My asthma (which had been a problem since childhood) worsened and I developed major allergy problems to environmental triggers and foods.

My food intake was restricted to fish, rice, 3 to 4 fruits and 5 to 6 vegetables. Over a two-year period I tried every therapy I could find in order to help myself ranging from Orthodox Medicine, Alternative Medicine and very unorthodox therapies. I certainly learned a great deal by exposing myself to all kinds of practitioners and their techniques. I even had bands on my teeth to alter the shape of my bite mechanism; and all of my amalgam replaced with composite fillings!

In my last year in Vancouver I purchased an electro acupuncture device, called a Vega machine, which was used to diagnose and treat patients with Homeopathic Nosodes (a Homeopathic remedy made from disease tissue or toxic substances). Using Applied Kinesiology I was able to combine the two therapies together and test what would work best for both my patients and myself. With my health being somewhat better but still quite fragile and vulnerable to relapsing, we took a six-month holiday en route to New Zealand to settle in Christchurch.

Many patients I treated showed sensitivities to toxins contained in farm sprays, allergens from food and the environment; and various forms of electromagnetic radiation like that from overhead power lines and electrical appliances. Working this way, along with structural Chiropractic, brought about many good results but they were not consistent, reliable nor predictable enough. As an example I observed that two people from the same family of four were sick and showed chemical toxicity from exposure, yet the other two family members didn’t. The husband had been an agricultural contract sprayer for 20 years, subject to major exposure to many chemical toxins, yet showed no sign of illness, nor evidence that exposure to these chemicals was a problem. Why?

Following my accidents in Vancouver I had continued on with various forms of counselling to try and deal with my emotional and mental state. Naturally, issues from my interesting and troubled childhood revealed themselves. I soon found a very close and intriguing relationship between the mind and how the body adapts to the mind (it was emerging that our mind was the most powerful influence on us as human beings). I tried to ignore this finding but it just kept coming up as a major contributing factor in difficult and chronic health conditions.

This mind/body harmony appeared directly proportional to how the immune system functioned (how the body fights off disease, toxins and chronic illness).

The body can develop serious disease/pathology; cancer, heart disease, strokes and permanent disability, however most people I saw were just ‘not well‘ with no energy, digestive disorders, headaches, back/neck aches, chronic infections, anxiety, depression etc. These symptoms indicate functional diseases, and have not yet developed into pathology. Some of these people had experienced these ‘not well’ symptoms from anywhere between 3 months to 30 years.

Naturally I did not want to experiment on my patients so I experimented on myself, having learned how to self-muscle test. These experiments have now gone on for 30 plus years with various successes and failures.

There appeared to be a distinct difference between how we think (mind consciousness) and how we feel (emotions subconscious). Learning the various emotions and thoughts we can have I was able to locate the points or positions on the body with magnets that relate to specific thoughts and emotions. Therefore knowing that a magnet placed anywhere on the body/head will change a muscle test (Applied Kinesiology), I can predictably find mind/emotional imbalances if the magnet placed on those specific points does not change a muscle test. Finding this imbalance can then be neutralised by complex homeopathic remedies, which have also been formulated over these years. This neutralisation appears to promote body/mind balance and through the body’s own inner healing mechanisms adapt towards better health.

In conjunction with mind (mental)/emotional health techniques I have learned to treat patients with chronic viral, bacterial, and parasitic infection, hormonal imbalances and chronic inflammatory conditions that affect not only the spine, neck head and peripheral joints, but also the body in general.

The spiritual system (not religious) is also taken into consideration. This system exhibits our individuality and personality as a human being. For example; four children who have the same parents and brought up in the same household are uniquely different people.

Anything we treat physically has to be rewarded and balanced emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

These techniques are still evolving and improving.
This is the basis of the Hale Technique.