Hale Technique – Mental System (I think) – Conscious Mind

The Mental Mind is unlimited in its potential to

  • Think,
  • Calculate,
  • Evaluate
  • Differentiate
  • Create
  • Imagine
  • Fantasize etc.
  • Learn

Our mentality gives us infinite options, choices, beliefs and dreams of possibilities in learning, development and creativity. As human beings we exist to experience the wonders and possibilities of the Mental Mind. It separates us apart from all other living organisms including animals.

However the mental mind while being our biggest asset and our strongest system can be our biggest enemy and saboteur i.e. it can cause us to self-destruct and destroy.

The Mental Mind needs focus, goals, achievement, excitement, positivity and reward. Without balance and good interaction with our physical and emotional and spiritual systems it can easily go in a Negative State through over analysis.

Expressions of Mentality

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Martyrdom
  • Self-Worth
  • Righteousness
  • Trust issues
  • Bullying/Persecution
  • Behavourial Issues
  • Fear
  • Personality Disorders
  • Hatred
  • Subservience
  • Poverty
  • Troubled
  • Happiness
  • Accountability

The Mental Mind is the strongest asset we possess-it is also our biggest enemy at times. Functional Illness comes from our inability to compensate and adapt emotionally and physically to these “boundless” possibilities¬†as we are the product of our upbringing and environment, but also of our family’s hereditary physical and emotional patterns, beliefs, values and behaviour. As we grow and learn through our life experiences, the Mental Mind either moves on with times or get stuck. In response the Emotional Mind and/or physical system over-react, resulting in confusion and imbalance. This results in symptoms of Functional Illness due to excessive stress.