Hale Technique – Spiritual System (Sense of self)

Can be considered our essence or core identity or personality.

  • Our spirituality carries the blue print of our life i.e. it contains our coding of what we have come here to learn and experience. We are constantly challenged by our spiritual system to learn change and improve etc. The Emotional and Spiritual Systems are closely linked as it is through the emotional that the spiritual can express itself.Unlike the emotional the Spiritual System is a “White Flag” waiver i.e. if the going gets too tough it opts out and the person is described as having “Lost their Spirit” or “Dispirited” . Examples of this – drugs/alcohol addiction or when people give up on life through sickness/stress etc.
  • Expressions of Spirituality:-
    •  Personality
    •  Knowing
    •  Intuition (gut feeling)
    •  Instincts e.g. survival
    •  Purpose
    •  “In Love” ness
    •  Meaningfulness

 –   Melancholy (The Blues)

Spirituality is generally accepted as having Religious connections, however, there is much more to our spiritual energy than just beliefs in and around God. We do not challenge your belief in God as that is a personal choice, however the mental mind can be challenged as to how and what we do with that belief!

There is a major spiritual connection between family, friends and partners in life.

Perhaps the greatest love we should have is to be “IN LOVE’ with ourselves i.e. Love ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As Spirituality expresses itself through the Emotional Mind there are often separations in unfinished business with partners, ex partners, friends, ex friends, family, God and more importantly oneself.

As humans we often detect aspects of Spirituality in babies and children e.g.

“They have been here before”  –   “They are an old soul!”  –  “They are very knowing or wise!”

Often these people are very knowing, intuitive and sensitive. While they may seem special to family, friends and others they have difficulty in living a meaningful life, as experience often creates conflict in how they “see themselves in life” contrasted to how “REALITY” presents to them.

The main expression of Spirituality is our individual display of Personality.