What We Do

The Hale Technique at Integrated Health Care we offer a different approach to health. 
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Doctors Bryan Hale, Belinda Hale and Jennifer Reynolds are licensed, registered Chiropractors.

The majority of patients we see at Integrated Health Care have been

  • personally referred by existing patients.
  • most our patients have tried most orthodox and alternative treatments before
    consulting us.
  • everything has not been investigated until the mental/emotional aspects of the
    mind have been considered.

Procedures used in this clinic are based on

  • Hale Technique (evaluation and balancing of physical, emotional and mental energies).
  • Chiropractic techniques called Applied Kinesiology.
  • Complex Homeopathy.
  • Cranial corrections.
  • Nutrition.
  • Gentle adjustments of the spine and extremities.
  • Other procedures to promote wellness and health.
  • Personal health promotion and advice.

Our technique is suitable for all ages, from babies through to the elderly. Conditions that respond best to our type of treatment are what we term “functional illnesses”. A functional illness unlike pathological illness, is not one single disease such as cancer or diabetes.

Functional illness is a feeling of dis-ease or unwellness , caused by imbalance and over stressing of the body. Many people these days push their bodies to the limit with lack of sleep, exercise, poor diets, long working hours, worry about money, work, family, in effect they become stressed.

We are the product of our experience, our upbringing and environment, PLUS our family’s hereditary, physical and emotional patterns. From our growth and experiences the mental mind either moves with the times or gets stuck. In either case our physical system and/or our emotional mind often become confused and unbalanced, leading to our experience of being overwhelmed, unforgiving, self-pitying, pessimistic, worthless, unhappy, miserable, hopeless, confused or un-respected.

This is because our emotional and physical systems (which are hereditary) mirror image themselves against the mental mind as challenge. You can think what you want but do your feelings and history fit comfortably with those thoughts! If this contrast is too large STRESS is created.

Physical and emotional stress on the patient means he/she will inevitably fall into functional illness. This presents as a combination of digestive problems, sleep disorders, low energy, depression, anxiety, neck pain, back pain, headaches, allergies, skin problems, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, hay fever, sinus problems, chronic infections (e.g. thrush) and emotional fragility.

Earthquake Stress This has arisen with earthquakes in Canterbury from 2010 to 2012 – emotional feelings of anxiety & grief due to loss, abandonment, injustice, lack of control, helplessness, hopelessness. For some people these feelings are re-surfaced from previous life experience in childhood & adolescent times.

The human body is an intelligent system with a natural ability to heal itself, therefore it will try to compensate for any dysfunction but, if unable to do so, will present with symptoms. These symptoms are a warning, telling us when the body is in need of help.

As practitioners we need to know all of your symptoms no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. Complex symptoms may need further investigation and tests. Conversely a lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. Symptoms such as pain or discomfort are often not the problem; they are just a manifestation of it. The treatment we provide is not so much aimed at symptom relief but more at the underlying causes.

Therefore, as your health improves symptom relief follows, allowing patients to feel and function better. One of our primary aims through treatment is to help you grow and develop as a person through challenging your thoughts and beliefs. This ultimately leads to personal growth, healing and improved quality of life.

We may advise you to seek further tests through the medical system e.g. blood and urine tests, x-rays or scans. These can be important in evaluating the possibility of any pathological condition. While we do treat patients who have pathological conditions (e.g. cancer, diabetes, heart conditions) and are able to help them with their general well-being and symptoms, we do not claim to be directly treating the pathology.

Through the experience of treating thousands of patients, we have found that the emotional system is closely tied to the immune system – that is why people experience symptoms at, or soon after a time of great stress.

The treatment we use is constantly under evaluation and continues to be researched and developed. Although we are Chiropractors, we keep adjustments to a minimum. In fact, for most chronic neck and low back pain we use non-invasive, gentle techniques. The homeopathic and nutritional preparations that we use are imported by New Zealand companies for us. They are manufactured to the highest standard.

This depends on many factors. The more serious or chronic a problem, the longer it will take to improve. People who lead stressful lives will find that improvements take longer due to the constant pressure that their systems are under. We find that almost all patients experience good results. The majority will improve dramatically but some patients have to accept that they may never totally recover, however, we are often surprised at the good results the body produces. Every patient is different according to their physical, emotional, mental make-up, personality and life experience.

Many patients come to us with problems that they have had for years. We find that after the initial number of treatments (which may vary from four to eight), they benefit from maintenance visits of somewhere between two and six monthly visits.

In our opinion maintenance is the key to improving health and keeping a check on any new or current problems, which may surface. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, open communication and a positive mental attitude are also important in getting well and staying well.