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Stress Remedy $30.00

Very useful at time of stress, anxiety, worry, unable to get off to sleep at any time. People report that it is very helpful at times of crisis e.g. sudden shocks, bereavement, earthquakes, sitting an exam, giving a speech, sickness, accidents, fall or injury especially with young children. A great Remedy to have handy at home for times of Crisis and Stress.

Remedy can be taken many times per day until the symptoms settle down and person is in control again.

N.B. Do not take daily as a preventer of Stress. Like all homeopathy the Remedy will create and cause the symptoms it is designed to help if taken more than 4 -5 days in succession.

Formula: –  Tranquiplex (Brauer) www.brauer.com.au
–  Hypericum (St Johns Wort) for anxiety, nerve healing
–  Valerian Root (Heel) shock/fright


IMMUNE-X (Flu Prevention Remedy) $30.00


We have rebranded!!! Previously known as Flu Prevention Remedy it is now called Immune-X. It is still used the same way i.e. 3 consecutive days a month to expose your body to various viruses including the flu, but ALSO used to ‘kick in’ and fight viral infections if you start to experience any symptoms.

Some patients react adversely to vaccinations and this is evidenced with the Influenza Vaccinations. Most people don’t react to vaccinations, as the vaccination is not the problem it is how the person reacts to this substance. As flu is a major threat to health and life every year I have made up a formula for people who are sensitive to vaccination and also for people who want to keep their immune systems active against this group of viruses.

The formula contains homeopathic formulation of the Flu vaccination from 1998 to the present year www.simillimum.co.nz.

The Flu Prevention Remedy is taken once per day for 3 days each month during Autumn, Winter and Spring. This serves to stimulate the body’s immune response to a large range of influenza viruses including H1N1 (1918 Spanish Flu). The remedy has reportedly worked well when you feel a cold or flu symptoms appearing. It can be used with babies, children and adults. Also useful for Jet Lag or feeling a bit rundown.
Essentially the remedy is designed as an immune boost and preventative against influenza viruses.

N. B. Several patients have reported flu like symptoms developing when they first start taking the remedy-this is positive, the symptoms disappear quickly.


Post-Surgical Remedy or Post-Trauma Remedy $30.00

This remedy promotes tissue repair after any trauma or surgical intervention. Most people know of Arnica (to repair swelling bruising and bleeding in tissues)

N.B. Do not take prior to surgery or procedures.  Like all homeopathy the Remedy will create and cause the symptoms it is designed to help if taken more than 4 -5 days in succession.

Formula: – Traumeel (Heel) includes Arnica and many other homeopathic remedies to promote healing.  www.heel.com
– Lyphomyosot (Heel) promotes healing of infection, inflammation and  swelling.
– Hypericum (St Johns Wort) promotes nerve healing plus assists in decreasing anxiety.


We are also stock practitioner prescribed Products.